The Truth about Margarine

Published: 14th May 2010
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We all know that margarine is a healthy spreadable product we can use instead of butter. It can even help us lower our cholesterol, protecting from cardiovascular disease! But is this the truth really? Consumers are misled by the marketing campaigns in an unethical way, compromising public health and safety. The raw materials for margarine are vegetable oils which truly are not that bad. What is not known though is what these oils are subjected to in order to become the spreadable product known as margarine. An industrial process called artificial hydrogenation is used to convert liquid poly- or mono- unsaturated oils in solid butter-like margarine. This process involves the use of dangerous chemicals and high temperatures in order for the expected reactions to take place. This set of conditions guarantee the transformation of liquid vegetable oils into the solid margarine we all know and trust.

Butter is a natural saturated type of fat that is solid at room temperature. So, the result of subjecting natural vegetable oils to artificial hydrogenation is a solid and spreadable product that looks like butter (it is solid) but is not of animal origin. This new product is the well - known margarine. You might think that this is indeed a healthier option than butter just because it is of vegetable origin but I can ensure you that it?s not. Artificial hydrogenation is a very aggressive process. It requires the use of toxic chemical agents to be used along with high temperatures and pressure in order to get the final product. Margarine and fake butter types of products are toxic and cause significant inflammatory reactions in the human body.

From the moment margarine substituted butter, there has been a monumental increase in heart attacks. In 1930, butter and lard were the main fats used in the kitchen and less than 3,000 heart attacks per year were recorded in the USA. In 1950, when margarine and artificial oils had substituted traditional fats, USA hit the astonishing record of 500,000 deaths due to myocardial infractions. Obesity is also another major problem in most part of the world today and margarine has its own share of responsibility here. It is proven that margarine deregulates human metabolism, activates fat storing mechanisms and turns on fat producing genes.

Margarine is a heavily processed and refined product that can cause great problems in the human body. It is supposedly an ultra healthy choice but we are being misled big time. Nobody mentions the industrial process used to convert vegetable oils to margarine or how dangerous and toxic they can be. Beware of margarine and fake butters, they are dangerous, cause weight gain and are much responsible for the rise in cardiovascular diseases.


Helen Davies MSc is an experienced medical researcher, holding a Master Degree in Human Molecular Genetics. As the founder of Primal Health company, she has been involved in research in the Nutrition area. Her expertise focuses on Nutritional Genomics and Functional Medicine. If you are interested in state of the art Nutritional advice, visit our website -->

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